Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ideas which would produces energy...by Green Yatra

Some of the main issues today are Energy, Health, and Economy. A lot of people have different ideas on how to improve each area, such as, using solar and wind for energy, exercising more to drive down the cost of health care, and helping to build a stronger and better economy. However, even though there are a lot of energy and health awareness programs, getting people involved is not easy, and some of the solutions like Solar & Wind are costly and takes about 10 to 15 years before the cost can be compensated. Therefore, it would seem viable to design and develop something that could kill many birds with one stone. Something that produces energy, drives down health care cost, and eventually helps building a stronger economy. Something that motivates you, low-cost, does not require any installations as such, easily accessible, able to reap many benefits right away. Listed below are some ideas to which one could work with.

Design & build a smart low-cost small exercise cycle machine
1.     Produces electric energy and feeds back to the electric utility vendor.
2.     On-board/built-in wireless electronic intelligent device with scanner.
3.     Create Energy cash back swipe card which can be scanned/swiped with the scanner so that machine can track who is using it? How much used? How much energy produced? And how much an individual has earned?
4.     Data gets transferred electronically using wireless communication device to a utility vendor, who would put money in the Energy Cash Back account for the energy he/she produced.
Make it accessible for everyone
1.     By keeping the price low it can be purchased by anyone for home use, and they would be able to produce energy and money on a daily basis anytime.
2.     Install it everywhere like ATM machines at shops/mall/offices/gyms, so that it is accessible by people who cannot afford to purchase one or does not have enough room in home. Profits from using the machine outside could be split between the owner and user at owner’s request.
§  Green energy production
§  Promotes Healthier living
§  Drives down the obesity rate
§  Drives down the cost of healthcare, which helps building strong economy
§  When you see benefits in $$$, people who do not exercise are also motivated because it is a machine that allows you to earn money when you use it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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