Thursday, June 7, 2012

Towards a better Future Initiatives by Green Yatra

In a constant urge to achieve for our own selves we often take the most important things for granted. We assume that we would never lose what has been given to us but the truth is only realized when the alarming realities are knocking on the door. One such reality which has been ignored for quite some time is the deteriorating health of Mother Nature. We read about the problems, we hear about them, we even have discussions about how things have gone worse while having evening teas; however that is all, people do. If one questions what exactly you are doing to save the environment not many people would have an answer. There is another serious issue evolved as a result of increasing inequality. Insensitivity towards humanity has led the rich to fortunes and poor to a never ending darkness, a division of society into two distinctive sectors, one which enjoys all the luxuries and the other one striving for the most basic needs.

It’s not that people do not want to do anything, in fact everyone wants to do something to preserve the environment, however what often stops them is a lack of direction. What to do? What can we do? What is going to change with just me planting a tree? These are some of those questions which an individual gets when he decides to actually stand up and do something. Often people just don’t know how to proceed; there is a need for awareness amongst the masses to bring changes, to undo the damage that has already been done.

GreenYatra, an NGO, is one such ray of hope, dedicated to preserving and conservation of Mother Nature and humanity. This organization believes in working with individuals, ngo’s, householders, corporate houses, educational or non-educational institutions, social groups or social entrepreneurs. Everyone and anyone who has a will and interest in solving the problems of environment, is welcomed and encouraged for their contribution here. Someone wise once said actions speak louder than words. It isn’t just about saying, it is about what is actually being done. Green yatra has initiated many campaigns in order to spread the awareness and show people how to have a greener lifestyle which doesn’t wipes out the roots of pure nature but revolves around the beauty of it.

Plantation of trees is the most important and inevitable task when talking about conserving the nature. We show we care is a project by Green yatra which aims at planting 10 million plus tree across India till the end of this year. To reduce the on-going destruction of natural resources and to compensate for whatever has been lost already, plantation of trees is more of a need rather than a choice in today’s scenario. Believing that every single tree makes a difference, GreenYatra conducts tree plantation drives to places likes open lands, schools, colleges, office premises, housing societies and many such places.

Human beings are as much a part of nature as any other thing. While understanding how to preserve our environment, we might as well give a thought to humans. Whatever might be the reasons, we cannot deny the fact that our societies belong to two groups, of rich and poor. For someone what might be a waste worth throwing away, can be a need for someone else. We all have old clothes, toys that we just throw while cleaning our houses. Can there be a better way to put those things to some use that are now worthless to someone? The answer is yes. Zaroorat A need an initiative by greenyatra is making it possible. People are encouraged to donate things like old clothes, toys, books, stationary and other such important things which they don’t use anymore so that they can be distributed to less fortunate people living in rural areas and urban slums in India. Helping someone and bringing a smile on someone’s face is undoubtedly an exquisite feeling which everyone can have by contributing whatever they can.

To save the future of earth educating the future buds the right way is very important. Young minds have a potential of actually bringing changes and doing wonders that’s why Go Green Kids an innovative initiative by Green Yatra aims at working with children to make them understand and appreciate the beauty and the need to preserve nature. Through campaigns, talk shows, events, dramas and plays, site visits, eco- natural picnics, tree plantation, workshops, audio visual presentation, scientific researches and international online forum and activities (includes blogs, website, online community, groups, and forums) Green Yatra is creating awareness and sensitizing children towards nature because when a child learns something new, a whole circle of people around him like family, friends, teachers etc learn something new as well.

India is a country of colors, traditions and festivals. Where these festivals are an integral part of our culture we should also consider what we are giving back to nature while celebrating. Ganesh festival, one of the most enthusiastically celebrated festival of the country, is been given an eco touch by green yatra’s project Go Green Ganesha where they promote eco friendly ganesha idols instead of the idols made from plaster of Paris which is very harmful for the marine life. Adopting such eco friendly alternatives we can behave responsibly towards nature while enjoying our favorite festivals.

These are some of the current initiatives by green yatra to make earth reach its glory once again. Through such active participation, innovative ideas and concepts and contribution by people all over the world and efforts to adopt green values we can sure have a secure sustainable and moreover a green future.

By Pallavi Tiwari
Intern-Green Yatra

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