Monday, October 8, 2012

Be part of Energy the technical festival of Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

‘No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.’
-      Voltaire

The fest, adapting a similar approach, presents the problems faced by the stalwarts of the chemical industry in a challenging manner to the participants, so as to unearth the talent within. In this voyage, Exergy pervades the range of disciplines that are studied at the Institute of Chemical Technology,Mumbai.
The theme for the upcoming Exergy 2013 is URJAA- Save, Sustain, Survive.  URJAA means Energy in Sanskrit.   Although URJAA has been an integral part of human existence, there is not much awareness about how it can be used efficiently.
Exergy 2013 takes pride to announce it’s collaboration with Green Yatra, to support the idea and act on the cause towards a sustainable development following the ‘Green Way’.  Act this January with Exergy2013. Act to Save, Sustain, Survive.
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