Friday, January 25, 2013


Be part of KALAKRITHI an annual intercollegiate cultural fest organized by Alagappa college of technology, one of the constituent campuses of Anna university, Chennai, which is held in mid February(13-16), is given the coveted title “KALAKRITHI”. Green Yatra is an NGO partner with KALAKRITHI.
“This is being more than a fun to kalakrithi that it pays tribute to a 350 year old city from the students of a 200 year old university”
Since its inception in 1985, this event has snowballed to become one of the biggest fests of India. Embarked as “sampradha” in its early stages and renamed as “KALAKRITHI” for last 27 years. Be it cultural competitions,concerts,rock shows, enlightening panel discussions, talks and workshops, engaging in formals, personality contests, fashion shows, or DJ nights, kalakrithi is being a mélange with something for everyone.

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