Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beyond Petroleum...A Fact

British Petroleum (BP), a leading competitor in the multi-billion dollar fuel industry, is responsible for a massive oil spill occurring on April 20th 2010 in the Gulf Coast. It is estimated that there will be a steady increase of more than 5,000 barrels leaking every day. BP, by law, is responsible for paying the cost of the clean-up of this grand oil spill. As of now it is documented that BP has already spent $625 Million dollars and is projected to increase.
Many of the methods exhausted have failed, such as pumping oil through silos that were put together, underwater. An oil spill of this magnitude will have monumental effects on wildlife, it is only imaginable the effect that this will have on the ecosystem.Unfortunately this isn’t the first disaster caused by the BP Corporation. On March 23rd 2005 in Texas City, Texas a BP refinery exploded due to a lack of maintenance and upgrades in machinery, this explosion known as “The Texas City Explosion” ended the lives of 15 workers and injuring over 170 others. BP neglected to maintain and update their machinery because they didn’t want to spare the expenses necessary to do so.

Despite all the money that the BP Corporation makes every year, it still continuously fails to insure the safety of the environment and its workers. At what point does it become acceptable to put profit in front of safety? It doesn’t, this is an atrocious crime against all things living and needs to be stopped.

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