Saturday, May 25, 2013


There are many ways to conserve water, but until people learn how to save water in their everyday lives, we are going to continue to put an undue strain upon the water resources of our planet, which contrary to popular belief, are very finite.  Water conservation is the most important element of environmental preservation because, as the global population and standard of living both continue to raise dramatically, so does the strain that we put on our water resources; meaning that the need for concentrated and effective water conservation efforts is more important than ever. 

Water is essential to life on earth. We need water to grow food, keep clean, provide power, control fire, and last but not least, we need it to stay alive! If water is constantly being cleaned and recycled through the earth’s water cycle, why do we need to conserve it? The answer is that people use up our planet’s fresh water faster than it can naturally be replenished.

You can also learn how to save water other ways, such as by adding a tank displacement unit in your toilet tank, so that you still fill your toilet with enough water to get an adequate flush but without using the maximum amount, which, in most toilets, is much more than you actually need. 

Some tips for water conservation
  • Use only as much water as you require.
  • Close the tap well after use.
  • While brushing your teeth do not leave the tap running, open it only when you require it.
  • See that there are no leaking taps. Get a plumber to come in and seal all leaks.
  • Use a washing machine that does not consume too much water.
  • Do not leave the taps running while washing dishes and clothes.
  • Install small showerheads to reduce the flow of water.
  • Water in which the vegetables and fruits have been washed can be used to water the flowers and ornamental potted plants.
  • At the end of the day if you have water left in your water bottle do not throw it away, pour it over some plants

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  1. Nowadays Water Conservation is very important thing , it is very beneficial to us. It saves our money,Saves drinking water sources,
    reduces water pollution as well as health problems,decreases the need for expensive water supply and new sewage procedure amenities,
    keeps the health of water environments,Saves power utilized to pump, heat & treat water