Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Enlightening Inspiration

An Enlightening Inspiration…….Jyothi Reddy….

“Every successful story has a painful beginning
and every painful beginning has a successful ending”

Do you think it is just a common statement. It is not a mere statement. A philosophy of life. It is not even a mere philosophy of life, It is an alarming, compassionate, soothing and profound answer to all the questions that always chant in your mind. A right and correct response to the pains that you experience in the early phases of life. It is said No pains ,No gains. Multimillionere Bill gates has rightly said ' If you are born poor, it is not your mistake but if you die poor it is your mistake.’

Let me elucidate , narrate and bring into lime light of an eye opening , mesmerizing and inspiring life story of a lady who was just an agricultural labour, worked for Rs. 5 per day until 1989 now became CEO of Keys software solutions in USA and making millions of money and serving the grass roots of Indian society. Is it awe striking and jaw dropping for you ? but you need to believe and accept because you are all going to witness her, listen to her and even talk to her very soon. She is none other than Mrs. D. Anil Jyothi Reddy.

From 5th class to 10th class Jyothi Reddy stayed in orphanage by having solitary life away from home. She used to await if anyone would come and render some help. Particularly during winter season when she used to shiver like anything as her blankets were torn. May be this had a strong influence in her sub conscious and drive her to orphanages often and help the children with all that they require among all the love and feeling of belongingness. Even during summer she never used to go to her village, she used to stay in warden’s house and did all the house hold work for which she was fed.

MARRIAGE: Mrs Jyothi Reddy passed 10th class with good marks and she dreamed to continue her education. But her parents have contrary plans. At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. SangiReddy because of their dire financial position. It is quiet common in rural India, many parents of girl child treat them as burden and try to remove the burden as soon as possible and perform marriage at an early stage. She was innocent and not knowing much about marital life.. time passed the age of eighteen she became mother of two girls. It was very difficult for her to provide the basic needs of her children to feed them and to look after.

EARLY TRAILS IN AMERICA: As soon as she landed in America she realized it was not an easy task to settle in America. The people whom she believed would give her shelter and support turned off their faces. As money she brought from India was running off she joined as a salesperson in “ Movie Time ’’ a video shop in New Jersey. She stayed as paying guest in gujarathi family. While she was working iin Video Time a known Indian from Warangal saw her and recommended her name to his brother who owned a company called “ CSAMERICA” and she was appointed as recruiter after being trained. Later a well know company ICSA offered her a good job with handsome salary. Again she faced some problems as her visa was not approved and she went for H1 visa. She had to resign her job in ICSA and again had to work for $5 per hour in nominal jobs till she got her H1 visa.

Jyothi Reddy has a vivid and constructive vision to extend her service to needy people. She wants to provide educational facilities and long term result oriented service activities.

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