Saturday, July 13, 2013

B&Q's 9-meter tall "tower block"

Go GREEN and Grow Up!
This vertical garden tower shows off the possibilities.

British do-it-yourself merchants B&Q built a 9-meter tower to demonstrate anyone can grow food anywhere.

B&Q's 9-meter tall "tower block"(left) incorporated several environmental and energy generating features. The plant clad walls and boxes bursting with veggies (right center) were kept moist as a wind turbine drew water up the tower. A thermal chimney drew heat through the structure and photovoltaic cells in the windows generated all the power the vertical garden required.

Looking like found art sculpture, mini-habitats for insects and birds, created by UK youth groups, are just visible on the right of the vertical photograph (and top right).

The tower was surrounded by beds of herbs, flowers, fruit and nut trees. Everything in the garden was edible

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