Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Healthy Vegetable Juices For Weight Loss

5002_790677310947788_1751300631_n - CopyWhen it comes to losing weight, there are no simple answers. But what is simple is the fact that healthy and nutritious foods will definitely go a long way to keep you healthy and also help you lose weight. Consuming fresh vegetables, which are loaded with essential nutrients, is something you MUST do – whether you are trying to lose weight or not! Juicing is an excellent method for shedding excess fat from the body. It helps to lose weight in an effective and nutritious way. Vegetable juice cleanses the body and increases metabolic performance, assisting in weight loss. According to a study, drinking one glass of low sodium vegetable juice every day can help people lose weight quickly. Experts also recommend consuming juice over raw vegetables as it can be easily absorbed by the body. Here are the five vegetable juices that can help you lose weight quickly. Vegetable Juice for Weight Loss – The Best 5 1. Cucumber Juice: Cucumber juice is a thirst quenching, refreshing, and cool beverage. It acts as a natural diuretic, removing toxins and fat cells from the body. Cucumber juice breaks down large fatty deposits into tiny pieces, flushing them out through urine. It also accelerates the body’s metabolism, assisting in weight loss. Apart from its weight loss benefits, cucumber juice also gives a glowing and clear complexion. Fresh cucumber juice also provides relief from heartburn, acidity, and stomach ulcer. You can prepare cucumber juice in combination with carrot to add taste to it. Drink a glass of cucumber juice before every meal to curb appetite. 2. Celery Juice: A daily intake of celery juice is very useful for shedding excess pounds from the body. It decreases the overall caloric intake, reducing weight. Celery juice reduces cellulite and puffiness by acting as a diuretic. It also prevents constipation and reduces the risk of calcification in the body. 3. Carrot Juice: Fresh carrot juice is an excellent source of dietary fiber. The increased levels of dietary fiber promote higher levels of testosterone, which helps reduce body fat. Regular consumption of carrot juice not only helps to lose weight at a faster rate, but also strengthens the body’s self-defence mechanism. Consume a glass of carrot juice after every gym session to keep yourself full until lunchtime. 4. Cabbage Juice: Cabbage is an extremely low calorie vegetable.This is one of the best vegetable juices for weight loss as it contains 16 calories per serving Cabbage juice also contains high levels of fiber, which can keep you full for longer. The high concentrations of vitamin C and anthocyanin in cabbage juice reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Drink cabbage juice before or after meals, as a healthy snack or as a meal replacement. Cabbage juice also controls cravings for sugary or salty foods. 5. Beetroot Juice: Beetroot juice is a great addition to your weight loss diet. It contains no fat or cholesterol and is full of nutrients. Beetroot juice boosts your stamina, allowing you to exercise longer and burn more calories. Beet juice lowers the body’s cholesterol level with its high fiber content, assisting in weight loss. This best vegetable juice for weight loss will keep you energized all day long. Beet juice is a good source of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which fights fat by maintaining proper bowel function. Benefits of Vegetable Juice: Drinking fresh vegetable juice allows one to consume more vegetables than one can normally eat. This way you can easily get the recommended 3 to 5 servings of vegetable daily. Raw vegetable juice is therapeutic. The body absorbs a nutrient dense beverage instantly, requiring little effort by the body. Vegetable juice is also known for its soothing and healing effect on the digestive system. A healthy digestive tract is crucial when it comes to the absorption of the vital nutrients present in the vegetables. The high levels of fiber in vegetable juice allow effective and efficient weight loss. It controls appetite and keeps you full for longer, keeping you from binge eating. Vegetable juice supercharges the immune system with its concentration of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients present in vegetable juice protect the body from diseases and effects of pollution. Vegetable juice also increases energy levels in the body. It balances the pH levels in the body, keeping the body energized. Vegetable juice contains no saturated fats or sodium, making it very beneficial for controlling cholesterol. People who drink vegetable juice three times a day are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, people who drink vegetable juice are less likely to eat processed and junk food. Do not forget to consult your doctor if you suffer from thyroid, kidney or gall bladder problems. Use only raw and organic vegetables for juicing. This will keep the toxins and pesticides away from the body. Source:-

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