Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Ways to Remove Blackheads From Nose

10-vegetables-herbs-you-can-eat-once-and-regrow-forever.w654 - CopyOne of the most common skin problems faced by almost everyone is the appearance of blackheads and white heads on nose. However, this problem is even more common for those who have oily skin. These appear as a result of accumulation of dead skin cells, sebum/skin oil and dirt into the skin pores. Since nose is the most prominent facial organ, the blackheads on it become readily visible and make it look very ugly. So, one of the most common concerns related to skin care for almost everyone especially women is how to remove blackheads from nose. Many of you would have tried to remove them with the help of your nails but that is not only a wrong technique but is also not a complete solution. To solve this common problem for you, given below are a few effective techniques to remove blackheads from nose. You can choose the one which suits you the best.
Ways to Remove Blackheads from Nose
There are a number of tools available for removing blackheads and white heads from nose which work certainly better than your nails! You can select the one which you feel comfortable with e.g. gels, strips, and extractors to name a few. Let's see how you can get maximum results from these tools.
  • Black head Strips
This is perhaps the quickest and the easiest of all techniques to remove blackheads from nose. Black head removal strips work by extracting blackheads through a solution at their underside. Before you apply these strips, you need to take steam and for that, take boiling water in a pot, take a towel to cover your head and place your face closer to the pot from which steam is emerging. Take this steam for at least 5 minutes and then apply the strip on your nose exactly according to mentioned instructions. Make sure that the blackheads on nose are completely covered with the strip and you do not touch the strip for at least ten minutes once you have applied it. After that, slowly pull the strip in upward direction to pull out the blackheads and white heads from their roots. Taking steam before using strip helps get rid of not only the blackheads but also solve the problem of large open pores.
  • Black head Extractor
It is a thin metallic tool having a hole at one end. For extracting maximum blackheads without damaging your skin, first wash your face with an exfoliation cleanser and scrub your nose gently with it while washing. After that, take steam for 5 minutes to soften your skin further. Do not forget to sterilize the extractor in order avoid skin infections. After that, put the looped end of the extractor on blackheads in such a way that it encircles the blackheads. Now gently push it down and extract the black head. It can be used to pull out even deep-rooted blackheads but must be used gently or you may get skin scars.
  • Creams and Gels
These work by making use of benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient. It works as an effective blackheads remover by extracting oil from skin and hence rids it of blackheads and white heads. However, never use these creams on your skin on a regular basis as they can damage it because of being too harsh. To avoid excessive dryness, this treatment should be followed by washing your face with oil free moisturizer.
Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads from Nose
There are also a few effective home remedies to remove blackheads from nose and the required ingredients are readily available in your home.
  • A mixture of lemon juice and powdered cinnamon is widely used to remove blackheads from nose. Make a fine powder of 2 to 3 cinnamon sticks by grinding them and then add lemon juice to make a paste. Apply it on nose or anywhere on face where there are blackheads for a few minutes and then wash with warm water. Cinnamon acts by exfoliation of your skin and ridding it of blackheads.
  • Take a handful of rice and soak them in milk for 4 to 6 hours. Now grind it completely until a fine paste is made. Apply this paste gently and keep rubbing it on your nose with fingers. After 10 minutes, wash it off. It works wonders as a scrub.
  • Mix an egg white and warm honey in a bowl and apply this mixture on nose with the help of cotton in a thin layer. Wash it with warm water after 10 minutes.
  • A mixture of iodine and Epsom salt is also an excellent home remedy to remove black heads from nose. Mix one tbsp each of both in a cup of warm water and then apply it on nose with cotton ball. Wait until it dries. It would soften the pores holding blackheads and now you can easily remove them by rubbing a wash cloth on nose.
Now you know a number of techniques to remove blackheads from nose, however, what's important is to make sure that they are removed for good. For this, you need to take good care of your skin by cleaning and toning it regularly.


  1. in fact, some natural ingredients can remove comedo

  2. Apply lemon juice on the face and scrub the face with cotton. After 5 minutes, take steam and wash the face with apple vinegar. That cleans the skin and help you get rid of the blackhead.

    Mantis Hugo