Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How much is too much carrot juice?

5002_790677310947788_1751300631_n - CopyI heard someone ended up in the hospital with too much carrot juice. I want to eat healthy but not turn orange. Sara says: Of course taking “too much” of anything good can become a bad thing. I don’t know about this person’s health who ended up in hospital, but this is what I can say: Fresh juices are generally very detoxifying. And carrot juice is detoxifying for the liver. It is possible that drinking too much juices (possibly more than 1 or 2 liters) when you’re not used to drinking juices will give a shock to your system. As juices detoxify, toxins are being dumped into the blood system to be carried away for elimination. However, when the detoxifying organs are already not functioning well, in this case, possibly the liver and kidney, then troubles happen. The amount of “temporary” toxins in the bloodstream that don’t get eliminated may cause the liver to be overloaded and is being taxed, thus possibly resulting in liver coma. In the Gerson Therapy, Dr Max Gerson mentioned that a person with damaged liver taking more than four glasses of juices without coffee enema (liver detox) will lead to the condition described above, which can be deadly. This is why I always suggest that people start slowly and “listen” to their bodies. Beginners often get over-enthusiastic and drink too much in a day. I want to repeat: “Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing” especially if not done properly. Turning orange from drinking carrot juices is due to an overflow of materials which have been clogging the liver and are being eliminated. This shows how effective carrot juice is at cleansing–a good sign that the system is getting a good clean-up. When this “turning orange” happens, continue to take your carrot juice and the color will eventually go off as it cleanses. Remember, if you are a beginner, go slow and gradually build up on the volume as you learn to listen to your body responses. Always in moderation, not excessive. Hope this helps.  

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