Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Liquid calories does matter

Ever had a goal to shed those extra pounds which were bothering, finding ways and tried all the diets that your friends suggested and yet unsuccessful? Lost ten pounds and gained fifteen? How do you get to know what's stopping you from getting them off your body? Ever thought of those liquid calories? Well, have a look on what gradually happens. Being on diet, you are particular on your food choices to keep you healthy and strong. You have chart of the number of calories and ratios of food that you should be having at a particular time of the day. You keep counting if you had taken the exact grams of carbs and fat and protein at every meal you are supposed to. You keep counting every single calorie that you take in. You keep working out and checking if you had reduced any weight. You remember to consume complex carbs and will be figuring out the sources for healthy food. Some times, you skip your meals to avoid any increase in your weight. Then, you feel hungry and try to have some SODA which you think that is a liquid and will not any weight. This seems to be another easy way to reduce weight quickly and you continue doing that. Slowly, you feel that there's nothing wrong in having your solid food and have it. You have your food along with the liquid soda. The calories that you are taking in increases and your whole idea of dieting doesn't make any sense. Let me tell you why. 16 oz of soda has 187 calories When you skip your meals, you start with one can of soda and that gets increased to 2 or 3 a day. Now, when you have your solid food along with this soda, it adds to the calories of food that you are already taking in thus increasing the total calorie intake. Say if you should have 1600 calories a day, you'll have them in your solid food and have say 2 cans of soda which adds upto about 2000 calories a day. How many ever cans of soda you drink, you never feel full and your brain keeps you asking for more. This food fills in and exceeds your daily calorie intake without actually filling your stomach. If this continues, count the number of calories that you add up.You get more weighed than when you actually started on the diet. More over, sugars  in liquid food are very addictive. In the past few decades when the consumption of this liquid calories increased, the rates of obesity increased exponentially.Soft drinks are the largest source of added sugar which also leads to diabetes. So, to keep your healthy weight on, cut off these liquid calories completely and prefer alternate sources of healthy drinks like water.   About Author Neeharika Dikkala is a Certified Health Coach and a member of American Association for Drugless Practitioners. With her knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching and preventive health, she works with her clients to create a healthy and happy life in a way to reach their health goals and help them implement lasting changes that will improve their energy, balance and health. Connect with Neeharika on Facebook and on her website.

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