Saturday, March 1, 2014

4 Natural Solutions To Encourage New Hair Naturally

5002_790677310947788_1751300631_nWell, everyone wishes to get rid of hair problems and be the owner of long, luscious hair. But sadly, few realize this dream. So, are you one of those looking for the best treatments for hair growth? Yes? But instead of looking at shop counters, isn’t it better to use something you can find in your own home? So, why spend more money at the salons, which claim to provide great results but end up making your wallet lighter? Yes, you can get the best results if you opt for natural hair care solutions. While there are many treatments that aid hair growth naturally, but today we have compiled a list of some best, easy and effective hair care solutions – just for you! Read on for more! But even before we discuss hair growth, we need to first understand the ways we can prevent hair fall!

Stop Hair loss To Encourage Natural Hair Growth:

If you want to speed up your hair growth, you need to stop hair loss first. Rapid hair loss can prevent natural hair growth to a significant extent. Some of the common factors contributing to hair loss include stress, emotional setbacks, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, genetics, medication, and overuse of hair styling products. The problem of hair loss can vary from person to person. While you may be suffering from hair breakage, your friend may be a victim of partial baldness. Proper care and prevention will surely help to cope with any type of scalp or hair trouble. All the natural solutions will show their effect only when you are capable of fighting against indiscriminate hair loss. Check out some of the common and easy natural solutions for new hair growth:

1. Proper Nutrition:

Improper diet is one of the common factors leading to rapid hair loss. On the other hand, absence of certain food nutrients might obstruct the growth of new hair. To avoid such a condition, you should add plenty of zinc, and iron into your regular food chart. Green vegetables, egg yolks, fish, and fresh fruits are best foods for a healthy lifestyle. Eating these foods provide adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other required nutrients for overall well-being of the body, particularly hair. Diet is extremely important, as improper diet often influences the health of hair directly.

2. ‘No’ To Hair Styling Products:

A popular proverb says, ‘no style is the best style’. This is truest when it comes to hair. Many of the hair styling products contain harmful chemicals, and superficial agents, which can be highly dangerous at times. You may look attractive for a few days by applying a hair styling product, but you never know how it affects the condition of your hair and scalp in the long term. Therefore, you should try to minimize the application of harmful styling products like hair colors, serums, and straighteners.

3. Hot Oil Therapy:

Pick up olive oil or mustard oil for nourishing and growing hair naturally. Oil is an essential hydrating agent that keeps hair looking healthy and stylish. Properly hydrated hair not only looks stylish, but is also easy to manage. For best results, you can apply a hot oil therapy once or twice a week. Heat the oil moderately and apply as part of a turban therapy on the scalp. If your hair is dry, leave the oil overnight. Rinse off the oil in the morning using a mild shampoo. Do not forget to apply a good quality conditioner to lock the moisture of the hair.

4. Regular Combing and Trimming:

Comb your hair thrice a day and trim it in every three months. Regular combing and trimming is extremely important for expediting the growth of new hair. Combing is essential as it provides good blood circulation, and stimulates hair follicles, helping them produce new hair naturally. So what are you waiting for? Just follow these easy natural hair growth solutions at home, and watch your hair grow healthy and beautiful! Source:-

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