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Exergy 2013 with Green Yatra

Event:  Exergy 2013

Organized by: Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai, Maharashtra

MasterClass and Lecture Series: 12-14th January 2013  

Fest Dates: 17-20th January, 2013


‘No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.’
-      Voltaire

Exergy, adapting a similar approach, presents the problems faced by the stalwarts of the chemical industry in a challenging manner to the participants, so as to unearth the talent within. In this voyage, Exergy pervades the range of disciplines that are studied at the Institute of Chemical Technology,Mumbai. Apart from this, it has been involved in taking revolutionary  initiatives to promote eco-friendly technology and strives to develop the present day Indian society.

The year of 2013 brings to you the 5th edition of Exergy. The theme of Exergy 2013 is URJAA, the Sanskrit word for Energy, our motto being  Save, Sustain, Survive’.  Although URJAA has been an integral part of human existence, there is not much awareness about how it can be used efficiently. This greed has led to indiscriminate consumption and misuse of energy.  This has resulted in global warming, air pollution, water pollution, land destruction, and foreign dependence on oil. The more we choose to ignore this issue, the graver it becomes. Conservation is our salvation from the energy crisis looming before us.  It is imperative to acknowledge the destructive environmental practices as well as to promote sustainable energy practices.

Exergy has pan-India participation, with participations from 70 colleges in 35 cities across India. Exergy received a total participation of around 4,000 last year. Out of this, nearly 2,000 participants were from outside of Maharashtra.

Exergy 2013 invites you to experience its spectacular lineup of events including the Prodigy Series of events, Pharma Events and our unique set of General Events including the enormously popular Ignite ICT- designed to give you a highly simulating and enjoyable experience.

In addition, we are proud to present The Exergy MasterClass and Lecture series- a series of thought-provoking talks on the different academic, research and practical aspects of the chemical industry by experts in the field, for all practicing and future engineers. With numerous leaders from the industry and various corporates speaking over 3 days, this is as close as you can get to the minds that shape the chemical world.

 In all, we have 28 competitions covering a wide spectrum of topics, and challenging participants to display a variety of skills and mental acumen to take home our prize money of over Rs 5 lakh.

Our Prodigy events including the likes of Affichem, Simplant and our IDPs have been appreciated by industry heavyweight, and win in one of these is highly coveted.

The Pharma series of events offers participants to display not just their pharma knowledge but also their flair at setting up shop, selling and marketing their products, and even creating some!

Our general events, including the extremely popular C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigation), Amazing Race (pan Mumbai), Bulls and Bears , and Dexter's lab are guaranteed to blow your mind away!!

Ignite, the world famous idea sharing platform is back for its third edition at Exergy 2013. With a 5 minute deadline and a 20 slide powerpoint presentation, participants need to put their points across in the crispest, sharpest of ways, be they on the origins of the universe or on Barney's playbook!!

Join hands with Exergy 2013 to set into motion a saga of priceless experience.
An experience of life.

An experience to Save, Sustain, Survive.


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Ghata M. Nirmal,
Media & Publicity Manager,
Exergy 2013

Supriya Singhal,
Media & Publicity Manager,
Exergy 2013

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