Friday, January 11, 2013

Be part of Tech Craze 2013

Be part of Tech Craze 2013. Green Yatra is an NGO Partner with the Tech Fest. The name might be misleading; this is definitely not just a speed quest but a need for agility as well, just as in real rallies. The main objective is to surpass all the obstacles present on the course in the least possible time. Apart from that, there will be tasks along the track that the robot may perform in order to gain additional points. Hence you need to design a wheeled robot, which is either wireless remote controlled or wired, powered by electric motors to complete the track and/or the tasks in the least possible time. Only one vehicle will be on the track at a time.

There will be two rounds. Teams qualifying Round I will be eligible to participate in Round II.
fest website is and our tech-fest page in facebook has the following address "

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