Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back Pain - First Aid and Emergency Treatment Guide Read more: Back Pain - First Aid and Emergency Treatment Guide

217832_395942370442095_1633006440_nWhat is Back Pain?

  • s   Short-term, acute pain in the back
  • s   Indicates that body is under stress
 Causes Problems in:
  • s   Bones and ligaments of spine
  • s   Muscles and nerves of the Back
 Back pain triggered by 
  • s   Poor posture
  • s   Inappropriate footwear
  • s   Incorrect walking habits
  • s   Strained muscles
  • s   Prolonged sitting
  • s   Sleeping on soft mattresses
  • s   Kidney, bladder, or prostate disorders
  • s   Pregnancy
  • s   Constipation
  • s   Stress
  First aid for back pain
  • s   Rest in a comfortable position.
  • s   Apply ice pack to affected area
  • s   Painkillers or relaxants may be used
  • s   Avoid strenuous exercise
  • s   Avoid pillows
  • s   Avoid sleeping on soft mattress
  • s   Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • s   Massage with hot/ cold packs
  • s   Traction
  • s   Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)
  • s   Regular simple exercises
  • s   Consult an Orthopedician if: a. Pain persists b. Difficulty in passing urine c. Numbness or pain in legs or toes
  • s   Maintain good posture
  • s   Do not smoke
  • s   Avoid overstretching body
  • s   Reduce stress/ strain
  • s   Take breaks during work
  • s   Sit straight with lower back support
  • s   Use comfortable low-heeled shoes
  • s   Do stretching exercises

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