Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top 10 Fast Weight Loss Tips

10-vegetables-herbs-you-can-eat-once-and-regrow-forever.w654Triggering your body fat is not difficult task.While you are doing physical activities daily, particular areas such as waist,thighs,hip,underarm skin may remain fat because of food you are choosing and also depends upon your daily activities. Choosing right food at the time when you are trying to lose some extra pounds the foods which are rich in proteins which can helps to reduce the water retention in the body and also speed up your metabolism.They can also improve your digestion and burn flat.I suggest you some tips that can help you to lose body fat and speed up your metabolism. Top 10 Fast Weight Loss Tips:
Walk Of Stress: If you are feeling under pressure, clear your mind with a walk.It will help to put your ideas in order and reduce tension.If it's a brisk walk,it will also count towards your daily activity and helps to burn more calories.
Cut Down Salt: To maintain a healthy(blood pressure) stop using salt at the table and try adding less to your cooking, or cut it out completely.You will soon get used to it.Also, watch out high salt levels in processed foods.Eating more than 2500 mg of salt makes you fat and retain water.
Lime Juice-Honey: Lime juice with honey is one of the most well known and highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity.Take a teaspoon of honey and add it to the half glass of lime juice(lukewarm water) and take it in regular intervals.It will helps to burn more fat in a short period.
Fiber & Antioxidants In Fruits: Apple,pear,orange and grape fruits are rich in soluble fiber,which helps to reduce the cholesterol and body fat quickly.Antioxidants present in fruits can protect LDL (low density lipoprotein) from being damage.Damaged cholesterol leads to form sticky plaque and further causes to increase risk of heart diseases.Fruits that are rich in antioxidants are blueberries cranberries and grapes ,pomegranate juice etc..Carrot also helps in reducing cholesterol in blood vessels.
Drink Plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water is good for health and also helps to reduce fat.Suggest you consume 6-8 glasses a day.Cold water changes the body internal temperature.As your body works to heat it, increase in metabolic rate and more calories burned.
Sleep well: Sufficient sleep is very helpful to burn fat quickly and easily.Improper sleep may alter your hormone production that can cause belly fat.It can ruins entire effort you put on to burn fat.
Avoid Sodas: Soda considered as weight gainer drink.It makes you more fat and leads to cause  type II diabetes. Replace 2 bottles of soda with 2 bottles of water definitely you would lose 1 pound every week.
Stair walk: An average person can burn 9 calories in one minute while walking up the stairs.Daily you should walk  on the stairs for 5 min and avoid elevators.You can burn more than 300 calories in a week.
Diet Plan Should Contain:
  • Plain water 8 glasses
  • Whole grains 4-cups in 6-11 servings
  • Fruits 2 cups in 2-4 servings
  • Vegetables 2 1/2 cup 3-5 servings
  • Lean protein 2-3 servings
  • Low fat dairy 2-3 servings

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