Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Effective Herbs To Control Blood Sugar Levels

10-vegetables-herbs-you-can-eat-once-and-regrow-forever.w654In today’s world, diabetes is a pressing problem everywhere. With stress levels shooting up every day and our food habits taking a turn towards the worse, blood sugar level is at an all time high. To top it all off, our lifestyle is more sedentary today than it has ever been before. Diabetes is also genetic and can be passed on from generation to generation. Not a legacy you want to leave behind! Fortunately, there is no dearth of modern medication that manages blood sugar levels. However, just like any other allopathic concoction, diabetes medications too have shown to have side effects. Herbs and natural remedies of diabetes are not only time tested, but also have very little, if any, ill effects. It’s time to rediscover these age-old herbs that work like magic!1. Gymnema Sylvestre:   Gymnema Sylvestre This plant is literally called ‘sugar destroyer’ in Hindi, so you can well imagine that it is chock full of diabetes busting properties! The herb is loaded with a type of glycosides known as gymnemic acids. This essentially reduces your taste bud’s sensitivity towards sweet things, thereby lowering sugar cravings in the pre-diabetic. Even those who are already affected by type 2 diabetes can control their sugar levels with the help of this herb. It can help control it by increasing enzyme activity in cells, which results in using up of excess glucose in the body. It can also positively affect insulin production. 2. Ginseng: Ginseng Ginseng has been known as the immunity boosting and disease fighting herb for ages, but researchers have recently found that it contain a number of anti-diabetic properties too. On taking ginseng, absorption of carbohydrate is slowed down and the cell’s activity towards glucose is increased. Apart from that, insulin production in the pancreas is also heightened. All these accumulate to a healthier body that is less prone to diabetes. If you are already suffering from diabetes, this can help lower blood glucose level by 15 to 20%, better than placebo, as shown by the research team from the University of Toronto. 3. Sage: Sage   In a German study, it was found that if an infusion of sage is consumed on an empty stomach, blood glucose levels can go down significantly. It boosts insulin secretion and activity, which helps to curb blood sugar in pre-diabetics and manage it in Type 2 diabetics. Apart from that, it also affects liver function positively. Increased liver function can improve immunity. Although favoured with meaty dishes, this herb is at its medicinal best when drank in a tea. 4. Bilberry: Bilberry This is another herb whose immense medicinal potential in diabetes treatment can be unlocked with an infusion in tea. Not only does it help type 2 diabetics, who suffer from high blood sugar levels, but is also effective for treating diabetes mellitus. Bilberry contains a compound called glucoquinine, which is chiefly responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. Apart from that, those whose eye sights have been compromised due to this disease can also take bilberry infusions. However, one should be careful if taking bilberry infusions along with diabetes medication as this might cause your blood sugar level to go dangerously low. The sugar level in blood should be monitored regularly. 5. Oregano: Oregano Also known as marjoram, this exotic herb of Spanish and Mediterranean origins, is known to contain glycosides, which lower blood sugar levels in the body. The water extracts of oregano have a glycosidase inhibitory activity in vitro. The Rosmarinic acid separated from the extract has been shown to increase pancreatic amylase activity. It also boosts the immune system. It helps in increasing insulin activity and mobilizes glucose in the cells, reducing the rate of carbohydrate formation. Diabetes is predominantly a lifestyle disease. And the first thing we need to do is to change they we live! Let’s eat healthy, turn off that TV and take a walk. We have abused our body enough and now it’s time to take control of our health!


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