Monday, March 3, 2014

How To Lose Weight By Cutting Down On Dairy Products And Nuts

154799_730034140348060_1177511195_nSo, finally you have decided to lose some weight, get back in shape and have been trying really hard by eating healthy and have started substituting cheetos, lays and street food with nuts or some yoghurt with fresh fruits. Yet no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake off those pounds. You are at a loss on what’s wrong with your diet. Losing weight with dairy products is easy.Well, it turns out what you were eating as a healthy “snack” is in fact causing you to gain weight. How to lose weight with dairy products:

The “Dairy” Factor:

Dairy is often considered healthy substitute than other sugary food products, but when you aretrying to lose weight, you are also trying very hard not to feel hungry all the time. Dairy consists of simple carbohydrates and contains no fiber, so it is easily absorbed by the body. But the natural sugar lactose present in milk will make your blood insulin level rise, thus causing hunger pangs. Also, lactose has an effect of slowing down weight loss since it has more calories than normal carbohydrates, even a glass of low-fat milk can account to 100 calories. They are also a rich source of cholesterol and, which everyone should always be aware of. Other than all this, the commonly mass produced milk can contain things like insecticides and even hormones that are given to the cows to make their yield better. But when consuming dairy products, look out for things like milk, curd and yoghurt which contain less good fat and are high in carbohydrates, and try to reduce its intake. But butter which is high in fat can be used effectively, since it will not cause insulin spikes in your system. Always remember that: 1. Dairy always contains natural sugars. 2. Dairy is not a complete source of protein. 3. Dairy is not a complete source of calcium. 4. Consuming Dairy may cause upset stomach and gas build-up when you are on a diet and eating less.

How Can You Fix This?

dairy free Go for alternate sources! Good sources of lean proteins are meat like chicken, turkey, tuna and egg whites. Vegetarians can try lentils and beans. For getting the goodness of calcium, try eating green leafy vegetables like spinach kale, okra, broccoli etc. Last but not the least, if you want to replace the milk in various recipes, you can use coconut milk, soy milk or even almond milk.

The “Nut” Factor

maple spiced candied nuts Although nuts are healthier than most of our normal snacks, they contain a large amount of carbohydrates and even worse than that is the fact that we tend to forget about self control and will most probably end up over consuming. When it comes to small things like cheetos, gems or even nuts, we always end up forgetting all the serving suggestions and start eating to our heart’s content, this is what takes us down. The main villains include cashew nuts, which are a crowd favourite and also contains 20% of carbohydrates by weight, Peanuts also account to about 10-15% of carbohydrates by weight. The least offensive ones are macadamia nuts and hazelnuts, which account only for 3-5% of carbohydrates by weight.

So, How To Fix It?!

100 calorie nut chart food Since these are the only good snacks that people often reach for while losing weight, the only good way to fix it, is by measuring your serving size. A good snack should often account for around 100-200 calories, and in order to follow that I have made up my own serving size of 22 numbers. I have found that 22 numbers of cashews, peanuts, almonds account for less than 200 calories, and they make you feel full enough (it often feels too much for me at times and I end up eating  much lesser than my serving). Or if you want a 100 calorie snack, you can always refer the above chart. Source:-


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